2 Best Promotion Techniques, SEO or PPC

Posted by Unknown | Friday, February 11, 2011 3:55 AM

Promotion of Engineering on the Internet is crucial to success in online business internet. There are various online promotional techniques, but basically the Internet promotion techniques there are 2 kinds of the SEO and PPC. Which is best? SEO or PPC?

Who does not want to have a website or blog occupy top positions in search engine results? Even for each of the targeted keywords? Hehe, I'm sure everyone would want to raise their hands and said, donk'd love to, hehe.
To achieve that position, yes we have to promote the conditions by applying various techniques of internet promotion in order to reach the top, or at least the top 10 in Search Engine Result Page (SERP).
There are 2 strategies and promotional techniques that we can do to get a lot of visitors, with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Pay Per Click (PPC).

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a cheap promotional techniques and become a prima donna among online businesses. The reason other than cost, SEO can provide free traffic
towards a website or blog. The trick is to grab the attention of mbah Google and other search engines. SEO technique is basically to create a website or blog liked by search engines. If they already like and love with our website, so happy to our website will be placed in a position of prominence in search results, as a special gift for us, hehe glad donk get prizes.
To better understand this tenteng SEO techniques, it helps you learn SEO to know the Secret Search Engine.

2. Pay Per Click (PPC)

Promotion technique of this model is advertising with pay. Promotion, paid, we can do to register your ads on Google Adwords or PPC local as kliksaya, AdsenseCamp, kumpulblogger, etc.. The calculation of each time payment is our ad is clicked by someone else. The most interesting of these is Google Adwords PPC, because Google will place ads on our site is the first or the first page of search results SERP. That means we do not have great difficulty applying the SEO but it can occupy pertaman page search engine results. Thus expected to provide high traffic increases so that more sales.

Well, from the two methods above can be said that there are 2 ways the Internet is a quick promotion to the costs and how to slow but requires hard work.

How fast is relatively very fast and is suitable for you who want to promote without the hassle and hard work, but you have to spend for it. In fact, it is not impossible after you spend a lot of money for promotion, but you do not generate sales. Wah wah very sorry for donk, is out of money for the ads do not even have sales, loss donk me, hhmmm ...
Before starting to promote with PPC, especially with Google Adwords, it helps you learn to campaign with Proffit Strategy Strikes With Google Adwords.
Or if you have lots of time to promote on the Internet, apply SEO is another option. But you have to be patient, need to learn and strengthen your SEO techniques. If your SEO is not good or maybe aja not understand the technique, you can hire a SEO expert in tweaking your site. That means out of money too, cape deh .. Hehe, whose name the business is indeed still have to shell out times.

Then promotion technique where you choose to support the online internet business? with SEO or PPC?
In my opinion both are good, especially the two promotion techniques are combined and applied properly, I'm sure your Internet business will experience progress.
How in your opinion?

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