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Posted by Unknown | Friday, February 11, 2011 3:52 AM

Google Adsense is one of the online business is very suitable to be applied in a blog. Google Adsense is a program owned by Google that will pay you if you have a website or blog and you display ads from Google (called Adsense) on your website, and visitors who come to your website from Google's ad clicks.


- You have a website that displays ads from Google
- Visitors come to your website or blog
- Visitors clicking on these ads
- You can money

Simple really my theory?

Yeah like that's the way the work of Google Adsense.
Next you should try to promote your website or blog to bring more visitors and hope that the visitor clicks on the Adsense ads.
More and more visitors coming to your website, the greater the chance of visitors to click on the ad.

Maybe in your mind, if only by just clicking on to money, why do not we own just click on those ads to make money fast, heheeh

Be careful!
Do not ever think to click your own Adsense ads which show that, because of the Google Adsense program is made with a system that can find out if there is click on own / fraud. And if that happens and then known by Google, then your Google account will be banned forever alias removed from membership status.
Instead of money can actually got banned, cape deh hehehe.

Hopefully these helpful tips online business for a beginner in running your online business.

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