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Posted by Unknown | Friday, February 11, 2011 1:50 AM

Google Adsense is a program created by Google that displays the ad, the content of such ads is usually a text link or image commersil to be installed on a website or blog. Usually in the form of text or images that contain links, or also can be a Search box or a box for search. Google will pay the advertiser each time the link is clicked. Usually the link or the image will be adjusted to the content of the website automatically by Google's advertisers. For example, the website associated with ebok Adsense advertisers have anything to do with the ebook.

Now a lot of Indonesian people are flocking to use this way to make money, even serve as their primary occupation or income. Hundreds and even thousands of dollars they can generate each month. How not interested, just with the capital to make your website/blog advertise then can generate revenue that is so seductive.

There are several kinds of types provided by google adsense adsense, namely:

1. Adsense for content.
This type is the usual type. This is the most widely used of people. The form is in the form of advertising that we will get a dollar if a user clicks on these ads with other words that is PPC (Paid Per Click). But sometimes we can also get a dollar every 1000 impressions / appear (Paid Per Impression), but for that it seems only for certain iklan2 negara2 and opened in particular.

2. Adsense for search.
Which is shaped in the form of "search engine". We will only get paid when someone searches through search engines that we put on our web / blog, and then that person clicks on one of the search results in the form of advertising, so not all results were in the form of paid advertising. Usually there is given a box and writing "Ads by google"

3. Referrals.
Adsense Referrals bentuk sama persis dengan type "for content", cuma bedanya yaitu dari sistem perolehan dollarnya. type ini, kita akan mendapatkan bayaran jika ada yang mendaftar/mendownload/membeli/menggunakan pruduk dari iklan tersebut.

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