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Posted by Unknown | Saturday, February 12, 2011 5:44 AM

Make Money With Google AdSense - Google AdSense is the Google program where you can host pay-per-click ads on your Website. When someone clicks an ad, you earn money. Is it really as easy to make money with Google AdSense as many would lead you to believe? Now that I've become heavily involved with managing Google AdSense programs for my clients, I can see it's not all play and no work.

Unfortunately, a lot of people bought into idea that there was a lot of easy money to be be made and they are now finding out they aren't making nearly as musch as they would. Additionally, Google has a lot of prohibited practices when it comes to AdSense and too many Webmasters are finding out they violated Google's policies after the fact-often because they never bothered to read the Adsense Pilicies in the first place.

To make money with Google AdSense you need plenty of traffic coming in to your site or there won't be anyone to click the ads. Website promotion techniques, especially search engine optimization and article marketing will bring more traffic to your site. You also need to have content that will attract the ads with the highest Pay Per Click (PPC) rate that are relevant to the content. Then, you need to lay out your web pages to the ads blend in with your site. Studies have relevated that people who visit site that contain ads that use colors that are not in harmony with the actual Web Site tend to develop "ad blindness". Meaning no matter how much traffic comes into your site, changes are no one will click the ads because they'll be ignoring them. If no one clicks, you make nothing.

Google Money Making Ad Options

* Google AdSense for Content - A variety of size and shape ads for placing in your content are available. The can be text or image ads or both-you specify what you'll allow. Ad units are full ads. Link Units are simply a strip of text links that your visitors might want to click. Gogogle allows you to put up to 3 Ad units and 1 Link Unit on each page of your Web site, provided you follow its policies - both for AdSense and for Webmasters.
* Google AdSense for Search - This places a search box on your Web site. When a user enters a term and conducts a search, a search result page opens, that hosts more pay-per-click ads. You can customize the color scheme of the search result page to harmonize with your web site.
* Google Refferals - Here you make money by referring visitors to use a Google product, like AdSense, AdWords, the Google toolbar and other Google software. Just like Google AdSense for content and AdSense for search, Google generates the code that you paste into the desired location on your web pages.

Google AdSense Payments

google will not issue an AdSense payment until your earnings exceed $100. Unfortunately, there are loads of google adsense forum entries about website operators who accumulated $90 or more in click throught earnings only to get banned from Google and not get paid anything at all before they ever reached $100. This may be becouse Google doesn't take a close look to see if you're complyng with their guidelines until it comes time to pay you. So yes, there's a lot more to story than meets the eye.

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