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Posted by Unknown | Sunday, February 13, 2011 9:19 PM

Actually ways and tips on increasing alexa rank or alexa ranking blogs are obsolete tips alias already too many bloggers who discuss it, but it would not hurt if I as an online business beginner repost his re-tips increase alexa ranking blogs for the umpteenth time.

Previous briefly about alexa ranking, alexa ranking is the total value of the calculation the average number of blog visitors traffic based on the average pageviews of each visit per 3 months (please correct if wrong). While the sites that provide information on the number of visitors a blog is located at, so this is different of course with google pagerank.

Here Few Tips To Increase Alexa Rank Ala Blog Business Online:

1. Blogwalking
This is the most ancient and simple way for bloggers probably already familiar blogwalking hear the term, read more about the terms blogwalking.!

2. Toolbar / widgets
Install the Alexa toolbar and widgets can also help accelerate the increase / improve your Alexa ranking. Please download the toolbar directly here! (Opens a new window / new tab)

3. Update Blog
Diligent update the blog regularly and consistently will have an impact and affect your alexa rank, because I felt alone even though alexa ranking online business blog is not very big but enough to feel since I began diligently to keep posting regularly.

4. JavaScript
As much as possible javaScipt Avoid using too many / too much on blogs. Consider a few blogs using javascript or even not use it? Almost certainly their alexa ranking is not bad.

5. Templates
Election blog template is a sizable factor affecting pagerank alexa, choose a size small and avoid the use of background images.

6. Forum / Community
Participate in forums that match your blog theme or interest, if the blog was a niche business like this online business blog then your blog should look similar. Build a community to get more traffic to your blog.

7. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Start learning SEO from start blogging, because the most important seo factors in order to increase Alexa Traffic Rank Blog for the continuity of traffic in the future. Science seo is not difficult to learn while going memperaktekkannya properly secured all we can. before learn more about seo for beginners my advice should not read Ebook Seo From Indonesian Google for free on the previous business blog posts.

Enough quick tips on how to improve alexa rank blog blog-style online business beginner, hopefully bermanfaat.Jika want to add please provide comments.

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