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Posted by Unknown | Saturday, February 12, 2011 5:42 AM

For non-us residents, you can choose to have your Google AdSense payments mailed to you via chech in your local currency. Google AdSense offer this option in 42 countries. You can check with Google AdSense support center to see if you country is included in the list. To withdraw your AdSense Earnings via check, you need to set the payment details in your Google AdSense account. This is how you should do it.

1. Log in to your AdSense account and click the edit link near Payment Details
2. Select Check - Standard Delivery radio button
3. Click Continue
4. Select your local currency if it is available or you can select US Dollars
5. Click save settings

After you've done all these steps, you are all set and you can withdraw your AdSense Earnings via check and start receiving your Google AdSense payment by postal mail. You may also choose to receive your Google AdSense payment through Secured Express Delivery. Using a Secured Express incurs a fee.

However you can receive your check faster than Standard Delivery. A Secured Express Delivery normally takes about 5-10 business days to be delivered to you. If you choose this option, you will need to contact DHL ( the courier service ) to make sure they offer service to you area and that your address is in the proper format.

When Can You Witdraw Your AdSense Earnings ?
Google AdSense pays you approximately 30 days after the end of the month in which you become eligible to receive Google AdSense payment. You become eligible for Google AdSense payment only when your AdSense Earnings reach at least $100,00. For example, you started AdSense in January and at the end of the month you had not yet accumulated $100,00 in your Google AdSense Account. You would then need to wait for the next Google AdSense payment date. If You January and February AdSense earnings combined is more than $100,00, you would be able to withdraw your Google AdSense earnings for february. You would be paid approximately 30 days after the end or the moth of february. You could expect your Google AdSense check near the end of March.

Another good reason to use AdSense for Search is that you get to combine the AdSense earnings with AdSense for Contenr Earnings. If you combined AdSense earnings is more than $100,00 and even though your AdSense for content earnings do not reach $100,00, you meet the payout minimum and you are eligible for payment.

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